The first blockchain ecosystem built by the art community, for the art community

Purpose-built to support royalty sharing, efficient payments, and digital records of authenticity throughout the art ecosystem.
Arcual - blockchain for the art world
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Join us in building the future art world with Arcual

Arcual addresses the unique needs of the art ecosystem

We help everyone involved to unlock value at every step of an artwork's journey.

For Galleries

Gallery resale royalties

Our smart contracts enable galleries to define and benefit from resale royalties alongside their artists.

Seamless sales process

Simple artwork registration, instant contracts, and seamless payment processing allow galleries to focus on their core business.

Digital Certificates of Authenticity

Digital certificates of authenticity linked to each artwork reassure collectors about their investment.

Early adopter advantage

Early gallery adoption of artist royalties is a differentiator for artists seeking representation.

For Galleries
For artists

For Artists

Artist resale royalties

Arcual smart contracts empower artists to benefit financially from their work beyond its first sale.

Instant payouts

Artists and galleries immediately receive sales and royalty payments after artworks are sold and resold via Arcual.

Stay closely connected

Artists can track the sales and resales of their works on the Arcual blockchain, allowing them to stay connected to their art throughout its journey.

For Collectors

Purchase with confidence

Our smart contracts and digital certificates of authenticity provide collectors with a chain of ownership history for easily-traceable provenance.

Simplified resale process

We provide provenance information and facilitate transfer of ownership for every artwork transacted on the Arcual blockchain, enabling hassle-free future resales.

Backing artists’ careers

By adopting Arcual, collectors put artists at the center of the art ecosystem, supporting the payment of resale royalties.

For collectors

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