Arcual Life: What is energising us for 2024?

January 18, 2024

The Arcual team came together as we kicked off 2024, to discuss the projects and passions which are inspiring us for the year ahead.

Andrew, Lead Engineer:

I'm most excited about scaling up our solution to engage with more galleries and collectors by expanding our offering to cover a wider variety of use cases.

Bernadine, CEO:

In 2024, we drive forward our mission to build the next generation of digital infrastructure for the art world. Expect more exciting product launches, purposeful partnerships, and global exhibitions which harness the power of Arcual’s team and technology to set new standards for the art ecosystem. I am thrilled to have you with us as part of that journey.

Danlu, Product Manager:

In the coming year, I am really looking forward to pushing the boundaries of our product, and to keep engaging with the ever-growing art community.

Eleanor, Senior Comms and Education Manager:

I’m energised by the prospect of creating more global partnerships and campaigns this year which leave a positive impact, furthering the Arcual mission to build a more equitable art market for all the participants in it. I’m inspired as always by my incredible, highly skilled Arcual teammates, and looking forward to working together during the year ahead.

Flavia, Operations Manager:

I am most excited about breaking through Arcual's biggest challenge – flipping the script on the art industry's hesitation to jump on the digital wave. It's time we show the value we can bring to the table!

Gina, Graphic Designer:

I eagerly anticipate the continued growth and development of Arcual in the coming year. The dynamic nature of our company's progress poses an exciting challenge, and I am eager to see how our products will adapt and evolve. In terms of design, I am excited about taking Arcual's identity to the next level, giving it a more modern and creative aesthetic.

Ivana, Product Manager:

I am looking forward to the opportunities and advancements that the coming year holds for us. One aspect that particularly excites me is the continued evolution and impact of the ‘Arcual Platform’ in the art sales landscape and how our platform will empower users to create, customise, and optimise their digital experiences and events.

Also, I am particularly enthusiastic about the advancements we'll make in leveraging blockchain and smart contracts within the Arcual Platform and I look forward to seeing how these technologies further enhance transparency, authenticity, and trust within the art market. Arcual is not just adapting to change; we are driving the change that will define the future of the art industry, and I'm really happy to be part of that journey.

Laura, Brand Marketing Manager:

I kicked off 2024 by manifesting it to be a year of creation. I aim to create new opportunities, forge new connections, generate fresh outputs, and support the development of innovative products—essentially infusing creativity into every aspect of my surroundings. This is what I am most excited about, especially for Arcual. I look forward to witnessing how our creative direction, not only in terms of branding but also regarding our products, expands into new realms and is embraced by new community members. I am eager to see how we continuously discover ways to create opportunities for the art world to connect with its digital realm.

Nico, Senior Frontend Engineer:

I am most excited about Arcual's collaboration with blockchain technology for the upcoming year. The integration of blockchain promises streamlined operations, increased transparency, and innovative solutions, all set to revolutionise our workflows and elevate experiences for our team and clients.

Richard, Senior Talent Manager:

I hope 2024 brings great things for Arcual and our people. I’m most excited about rolling out engaging L&D initiatives and launching our core business competencies, further bolstering our commitment to professional growth and driving overall business success.

Sinem, Technical Copywriter:

I'm looking forward to bringing what's been cooking in the background to the table. We've learned so much from our latest collaborations and projects.

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