Arcual Life: What is Culture like at Arcual?

October 6, 2023

Arcual has a dynamic team comprising over 20 different nationalities. We sat down with colleagues working in our Berlin, London and Zurich hubs to ask them: "What do you love most about Culture at Arcual?"

Julia Colavita, Client Experience Lead:

“My favorite thing about culture at Arcual is the diversity across our team. Having three hubs in Zurich, London and Berlin I’ve never before worked so closely with such a diverse group of people from different backgrounds and cultures. We have a wonderful mix of colleagues with an art background, tech background and specifically blockchain background and I feel as though I have something to learn from everyone. Thanks to our wonderful People and Culture team, everyone at the company is truly a delight to work with and shares a similar goal and mission for innovation and change in the Art x Tech Industry.”

Dukagjin Ramosaj, Senior Blockchain Engineer:

"My favourite aspect of the culture at Arcual is the vibrant and inclusive environment that the company cultivates. With a presence across three hubs in Berlin, London, and Zurich, Arcual embraces diversity with over 20 nationalities represented among its members. What stands out to me is the remarkable blend of highly talented and skilled individuals who not only excel in their respective roles but also consistently exhibit a strong sense of collaboration, helpfulness, and respect towards one another. This enriching cultural dynamic fosters a collective spirit of innovation and teamwork, making Arcual an inspiring and rewarding place to be."

Narayan Prusty, Senior Blockchain Engineer:

“The thing I like about Arcual is the work and team culture. Here everyone works together with utmost respect for each other. I get the opportunity to share my ideas and easily come to a consensus as everyone is driving towards the same vision. I get to travel and meet the team members working from different locations around Europe which enables me to build strong connections with my teammates.”

Eleanor Taylor, Senior Comms and Education Manager:

"I love the strong culture of togetherness and interconnectivity Arcual fosters at its core, despite the distance between colleagues working in Berlin, London, and Zurich. We regularly share our favourite artists in All-Hands, which books we can’t stop thinking about (we have a book group), our favourite travel memories and the food we most enjoy cooking (shout out to our international supper club). We also all want to contribute positively to the world we live in (Arcual is an active member of the Gallery Climate Coalition) and we have an engaged Green Team."

Joao Costa, Backend Engineer:

“The team is absolutely incredible, always willing to help each other and bring new perspectives to the table. Arcual’s team is made up of more than 20 nationalities from the most varied backgrounds, and it’s the norm for each of us to be very passionate about the products we’re developing."

Ricarda Pietschmann, Director of People and Culture:

“At Arcual, our culture is the heartbeat of our organisation. What I love most about the Arcual culture is our unwavering commitment to transparency and the way every team member truly lives our core values. Our colleagues from all around the world create a social and inclusive atmosphere, both at and outside of work. From team lunches, to our internal clubs (green team, book club or sports channel) to afterwork gallery visits, dinners and drinks we enjoy collaborating and exchanging ideas, experiences or interests. Our dedication to continuous feedback and L&D empowers each member to grow, knowing that personal growth catalyzes innovation and propels Arcual to new heights.”

Lucas Rodriguez, Blockchain Lead:

“There are many things I enjoy about Arcual; I've always loved and have been drawn to art, so the constant exposure to it through our all-hands meetings - where different team members present their favourite artists, which other team members may be less familiar with - is always enjoyable. The various galleries I have had the pleasure of visiting through Arcual, is also a highlight. Finally, having worked with a wide range of nationalities, I appreciate the level of punctuality and efficiency in Arcual meetings, something not always the norm in the startup world!”

Michael Schuller, CTO:

“We’re a team that brings a lot of different kinds of experience together: we have folks who have worked on really technical blockchain projects, team members with lots of experience of the art world, as well as colleagues who come from more fintech and startup backgrounds. That gives us a great range of perspectives and distinct viewpoints to draw from, and makes for great problem-solving discussions.”

Noelia Gamallo, Ecosystem Development Manager:

"The teamwork, the brainstorming and the people. My colleagues at Arcual have great ideas and it is a pleasure to work with people who are driven and highly innovative. Also, we are a diverse team with so many different backgrounds. I find it inspiring to exchange ideas with so many different voices."

Andrew Erickson, Principle Engineer:

“I think the diversity at Arcual is really good. This provides us with so many different perspectives which has been beneficial in shaping our brand as well as our products.”

Laura Santacruz, Brand Marketing Manager:

"I was eager to work in a place where culture was at the forefront, and this is absolutely the case with Arcual. Having been one of Arcual’s first five employees has also given me a sense of belonging that I haven’t felt elsewhere; I feel as if I know this brand like the palm of my own hand and I’ve also built very strong relationships with my colleagues. Everyone at Arcual is incredible; ready to help, ready to share knowledge, ready to work super hard, but also to find the space to connect beyond work. This is our secret, getting on so well as people, that working here is joyful."

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