Gallerist Sabrina Amrani is Ready for the Future

April 26, 2023

We sat down with Sabrina Amrani to talk about digital natives, her gallery's innovative approach, and how blockchain technology is empowering her artists and gallery.

Sabrina Amrani opened her eponymous gallery based in Madrid, Spain, in June 2011. French of Algerian origin, she was raised in a mix of cultures, traditions and habits that are common grounds to most artists she works with. The gallery represents artists across East and West, eliminating cultural gaps and promoting a dialogue of exchange and intellectual growth through it. 

What trends are you noticing about how collectors interact with artists and artworks today?

The interactions between collectors, artists and artworks is more and more direct. On one hand, art fairs in the last decades have widened the scope of art collectors, bringing the international to the local (even for a few days) ; and on another hand the Internet revolution, the social media platforms and the rise of the e-commerce opened new ways for collectors to discover artists, artwork and galleries, and to collect beyond their local geographies.

Why did your gallery originally decide to use Arcual’s technology?

Technology and innovation is part of our gallery DNA since the very start. We have always been early adopters: we used Twitter and Facebook to create our network back in 2010 and in 2018 we launched our own Online Viewing Rooms program to expand the experience of collectors with our artists and fairs. Arcual’s technology is a logical step of the professionalization of the art world, and we believe that it empowers our artists and our gallery.

How do you feel art collectors in Madrid interact with technology, in comparison to other regions you’ve experienced?

Spanish companies from different sectors have been using Blockchain technology only since 2018, the art ecosystem needs a little more time to implement and offer it to its audience. Rather than a geographical distinction, I think that there is a generational change. My generation had their feet in both analog and digital eras, while for the youngest generation technology is completely integrated in their work, social and private life.

What needs to happen for the art world to become more oriented towards championing the artist, and placing them at the centre?

Artists are at the center of the art ecosystem, and championing artists is at the core of our gallery philosophy. The emergence of tools that allow us to move further on this line of work, is a new resource that we can’t ignore. 

Do you believe that technology can play a large part in facilitating that shift?

Yes, technology can play this part, but the game changers are the people, always.  There is a whole digital native generation, a fraction of them yet to enter the art collecting adventure. Let’s be ready for them. 

Sabrina Amrani photographed by Alex Rivera. Artworks by Manal AlDowayan, Watch Before You Fall, 2019.

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