Gallerist Stefan von Bartha on Innovation in the Art World

March 17, 2023

We sat down with von Bartha gallery owner and director, Stefan von Bartha, for a peep inside the mind of a gallerist engaged with innovation.

Why did von Bartha originally decide to use Arcual’s technology?

We are firm believers in change. Even though artists encourage us to question our present and future, the industry still lacks strategies for dealing with issues such as provenance, speculations, and royalties. Arcual offers perspectives on these matters through its secure blockchain.

Was it important to you to contribute to a more efficient and equal art ecosystem?

Yes, by ways of transparency.

What trends are you noticing about how collectors interact with artists and artworks today?

It is a positive development that collectors nowadays want to know more about the person behind the artwork and the history or provenance of the works.

Are art collectors in Copenhagen more comfortable with technology than in other regions you’ve experienced?

Yes, Denmark is very invested in trying to be ahead of the curve; many aspects of daily life here are handled digitally. That doesn’t always make things less complicated! I think we should aim for some balance between the Danish and Swiss ways. The hope is that technology will make our lives easier one day, so that we can focus more on what we are passionate about.

What needs to happen for the art world to become more oriented towards championing the artist and placing them at the centre?

It is important to reinforce the conversation about the cultural importance of art and share that knowledge with future generations. Gallerists, curators, and critics shall return to the essence of the art world, the art itself. Today, most big museum shows need to be blockbusters, therefore it's always about established artists, and the press mostly speaks about the most expensive art work at a fair, instead of being interested in discovering things.

Do you believe that technology can play a large part in facilitating that shift?

It will and it must. But it will take time, and we must respect that different generations will react differently to it all.

Von Bartha Gallery, Copenhagen, presents Measuring the World, a solo exhibition by Swiss artist Athene Galiciadis, running from 18th March - 13th May, 2023. This exhibition will feature a new series of the artist’s painted clay vessels, entitled Empty Sculptures, which will be consigned to be sold through Arcual’s pioneering blockchain platform.

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