The Team Discuss how Arcual has Evolved

April 9, 2023

We sat down with some of the team to find out from the inside how Arcual has evolved since they first joined.

How has Arcual evolved since you joined?

Tommaso Verri, Product Manager

"Arcual has transformed in a major way from a very small team of people trying to get a first prototype out in the wild to a good sized company, focusing on different scalable products and addressing multiple sides of the Art Market."

Laura Santacruz, Brand Marketing Manager

"As I rewind one year back, it has been a privilege to see, from day one, how an initial group of five has rapidly grown into a team of thirty; and how a brand that was in the making for such a long time, is being adopted by well-known galleries and recognised as a key player to watch within our industry."

Sid Manka, Senior Software Engineer

"Since I joined there has been a constant growth in the team, a lot of talented people joined. The product has got a good reach all around the ecosystem."

Noelia Gamallo, Ecosystem Manager

"It has been extremely exciting to see the development of our solutions and the growth of the team! These are really exciting times to be part of Arcual. We have big ambitions and great people to make them happen!"

Richard Taylor, Talent and Acquisition Manager

"Arcual has evolved so much in the 9 months since I joined; we have grown from 13 to 34 across all hubs and departments and I feel lucky to be in the company of such talented individuals. Arcual is constantly evolving; we are a dynamic start-up with a vision to do good and create a fair, sustainable art ecosystem."

Flavia Balas, Operations Manager

"I have been a member of the incredible Arcual team for three months now, and it already feels like I have been a part of this team for a long time. In our daily startup life at Arcual, we frequently make pivots, re-evaluate our strategies, and adjust our approaches as needed. Our ability to do so successfully is due in large part to our continuous focus on building a strong team culture, which is a critical factor in our startup's success trajectory."

Andrew Erickson, Principal Engineer

"It has been really interesting to see our culture & identity form over the last year. We have assembled a unified team with a strong sense of purpose."

Ricarda Pietschmann, Director of People and Culture

"It’s been such an exciting past few months! We’ve launched Arcual Salesroom, set up foundational company processes, defined our Arcual values as a team and recently came together in-person for our very first company retreat. Furthermore, the team has doubled in size and we are now 34 talents with 17 different nationalities coming together across 3 locations, all working towards 1 mission."

Maciek Karpinski, Senior Product Designer

"Fast forward 7 months since I joined: we are a 3x time bigger organisation standing on our own. We know where we want to go and what we need to do to get there. Everyone puts a lot of energy, knowledge and brainpower to make things right and smooth. We are better every week."

Christopher Jukes, Director of Finance and Operations

"Arcual has evolved both quantitatively and quantitatively since I joined in January. I am just 1 in 12 new starters this year bringing a fresh perspective and skill set to the team and because we are still less than 50 people, we are still making those quick connections between everyone. More connections means more information exchange and I am excited for the MVPs being developed this quarter as a result of knowledge sharing."

Kristine Muhacova, Head of Gallery Liaison

"Since I joined Arcual, we've launched our first product globally, we take part in the most important fairs in the art world and assist our partner galleries to integrate this technology into their daily business. There's a lot yet to come: more collaborations, initiatives and innovative features that would benefit the art market."

Nicola de Lazzari, Senior Frontend Engineer

"Since joining Arcual, I've seen significant growth in the company's offerings and an increased focus on customer satisfaction. The team has embraced the latest technologies and tools, enabling us to deliver innovative solutions to our clients and stay ahead of the curve in a fast-paced industry. It's been exciting to be a part of the team during this evolution."

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