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Arcual offers a suite of digital tools and integrations that support collaboration, royalty sharing, digital certificates of authenticity, and efficient payment processing.
Collectors and galleries

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Smart contracts with embedded resale terms

Arcual smart contracts are tied to each artwork, offering:

  • Fully customisable resale royalties and sales terms and conditions.
  • Automated payment for all parties after each
    on-chain sale.
  • Verified ownership history.
Resale terms
Digital certificate of authenticity

Digital Certificate of Authenticity

Arcual generates a unique blockchain-registered digital certificate of authenticity for every registered artwork that:

  • Automatically transfers after each sale via Arcual.
  • Is stored on the Arcual blockchain.

Payments and KYC

Arcual offers integrated services to facilitate easier and faster sales with:

  • A wide range of payment options, including bank transfers, credit cards, and more, powered by Stripe.
  • Optional on-site KYC services provided by ArtMoney.
Payments and KYC

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