7 Technology Factors Driving Auctions into the Future

October 18, 2023

We explore the innovations shaping the future of buying art at auction, discussed at The Art Market 2050.

During a busy week of art fairs and events around Frieze in London, Arcual's CEO Bernadine Bröcker Wieder moderated a panel at The Art Market 2050 conference on the innovations driving the auction technology market. Featuring art industry innovators, Phillips' Julie Bréthous and Christie's' Jon-Ross Le Haye, the panel underscored the significance of User Experience (UX) in the art collecting process. Let's deep dive into the key findings.

UX is Paramount:

Jon-Ross Le Haye explained that when Christies 3.0 was created, a key goal was to develop an extremely user-friendly interface. Good art auction technology must offer a robust User Experience.

User Analytics:

Understanding user behaviour through analytics is instrumental in shaping the future of art auctions. Occasional surprises in user behaviour are revealed by data analysis.

The Role of Testing:

Testing was deemed a vital step in digital progress, with the panellists placing a significant emphasis on user testing to visualise the future of a technology-inspired art collecting space.

Agile Learning:

Phillips’ Julie Bréthous emphasised the need to remain agile and flexible with user research, ensuring that insights are quantifiable.

The Hybrid Approach:

There is a hybrid approach to art collecting today, with clients engaging both online and in-person. For these panelists, the future suggests a continued fusion of digital discovery and physical presence at auction houses.

Visuals Matter:

The visual representation of art on screens will become increasingly significant in the future, considering the ubiquity of screens in our lives. Collaboration with digital artists is viewed as a disruptive force, essential for innovation in the art world.

AI and Personalisation:

Algorithms and AI will play an increasingly crucial role in offering greater personalisation to art buyers. The panelists discussed how art auctions must better mimic the personalisation seen on online platforms like net-a-porter, curating a user's art selection, for a more bespoke experience.

The Art Market 2050 highlighted the pivotal role of User Experience in shaping the future of art auctions. Technology and innovation, backed by solid user research and data analytics, is driving the way art is bought, sold, and experienced.

Learn more about Art Market 2050 here. Stay tuned for more from Arcual Blog!

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