Enhancing Art Collecting and Preservation with Digital Dossier by Arcual

July 11, 2023

Digital Dossier by Arcual revolutionises art collecting and preservation by offering immutable digital provenance for artworks. We explore how this new product feature can be particularly beneficial for the use case of collecting ephemeral art works.

Digital Dossier by Arcual reimagines the way collectors preserve and document information about their purchased artworks while providing immutable digital provenance. Launched during Art Basel, this groundbreaking product feature offers art collectors a secure vault for storing various types of documentation, ensuring the preservation of an artwork's story and history, even if the physical piece itself is no longer intact.

Secure Storage and Comprehensive Documentation for Art Collectors:

Digital Dossier allows collectors to securely store and manage various supporting documents, including sketches, designs, and photographs that showcase the artist's creative process. Additionally, collectors can keep essential information such as resale terms, shipping and installation guidelines, condition reports, and exhibition certificates all in one secure space. This feature streamlines the management of necessary information related to artworks, providing convenience and peace of mind to collectors.

Digital Certificate of Authenticity for Enhanced Provenance:

One of the key features of Digital Dossier is its inclusion of a digital Certificate of Authenticity (CoA). The Certificate of Authenticity serves as a verifiable record of an artwork's authenticity, further enhancing its value. By securely storing the Certificate of Authenticity on the blockchain, Digital Dossier ensures its tamper-proof and immutable nature, bolstering the artwork's provenance.

Flexibility and Personalisation for Artists:

Digital Dossier offers artists the freedom to decide what type of documentation they want to include, accommodating different formats such as text and images. This flexibility allows artists to provide a highly personal and comprehensive view of their creative process and the artwork's journey, enriching the viewer's understanding and appreciation.

Security and Preservation through Blockchain Technology:

Leveraging the power of blockchain technology, Digital Dossier guarantees the security and integrity of stored information. The decentralized nature of the blockchain ensures that Digital Dossier is resistant to alteration or deletion, providing long-term preservation of records. This technology ensures the preservation of valuable information for future generations.

Relevance for Museums and Institutions:

The concept of Digital Dossier extends beyond individual collectors, offering practical solutions for museums and institutions. Museums can digitize and securely store extensive documentation that accompanies artworks in their collections, maintaining a comprehensive and easily accessible archive of valuable information. This capability enhances the preservation and management of artworks for both present and future generations.

Digital Dossier by Arcual is an innovative product feature that revolutionises art collecting and preservation. By offering secure storage, comprehensive documentation, and enhanced provenance through digital certificates, it ensures the longevity and authenticity of artworks. This groundbreaking solution benefits collectors, artists, and institutions alike, allowing the art world to embrace the digital age while preserving the rich history and stories behind each masterpiece.

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