How to Use Access by Art Basel: An In-Depth Guide to the new platform launched in Miami

December 5, 2023

Access by Art Basel is a newly launched online sales platform powered by Arcual, combining art and philanthropy to make a positive and lasting impact. In this concise guide, we'll explore how to navigate Access by Art Basel.

How the Access by Art Basel Platform Works:

1. Invitation

  • Request and receive an invitation via email to join Access by Art Basel, powered by Arcual.
  • Set up your account with a unique password.

2. Create Your Profile

  • Develop a personalized profile outlining your interests.
  • Galleries review your profile when processing purchase requests.

3. Platform timings for Access by Art Basel

  • Collectors can browse exclusive artworks from November 27, 2023.
  • Requests on artworks will be accepted by participating galleries until December 10, 2023.

4. Artwork Requests and donation pledges

  • Submit purchase requests until December 10, 2023.
  • Artworks feature a listing price, with 10% allocated to charity.
  • Specify the charitable donation amount (>10%) and cause.

5. Request Status

  • Receive email notifications on the status of your request.
  • Accepted requests prompt an invitation for online payment within Access.

6. Payment Deadline

  • Collectors have until January 15, 2024, to make payments.
  • No platform fees will be charged on Access.


1. Exclusive Art Preview

  • Discover top-tier artworks before the fair opens.

2. Integrated Philanthropy

  • Each artwork's listing price includes a minimum 10% charitable contribution. 

3. Personalised Giving

  • Opt to donate more than 10% and choose the fund your donation supports. Initiatives include the following Collective Impact funds at The Miami Foundation: Arts Access, LGBTQ+ Equity, and Racial Equity, as well as the ICRC.

4. Secure Payment

  • Easily pay online through bank transfer.

Access by Art Basel, powered by Arcual, connects collectors with galleries, artworks and charities through a hybrid digital and physical experience. Navigate the platform seamlessly to create a meaningful impact through your art acquisitions.

Access by Art Basel

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