Industry Voices: 5 minutes with TEZ ARTS

August 21, 2023

We sit down with Founder, Tuğçe Tez, to learn more about her passion for elevating feelings through the arts.

You specialise in championing new dimensions of creativity and innovative collaborations across the arts. How did you come to appreciate how connected different art forms can be? 

It’s really about curating creativity for me. I am a big fan of activating and elevating feelings (both for the artists and for the audiences). The idea of connecting creative minds/souls and witnessing their collaboration to create new ideas is an enormous inspiration for me. It is also a way to overcome the apprehension or the fear of the new by pushing boundaries together and supporting each other in thinking and creating more freely…

Are collectors becoming more comfortable with cross category artistic experience and collecting today, do you think? Any specific regions where this is more advanced?

I think it is hard in any field to feel comfortable with the new! It is in the nature of people, to follow the success, to repeat what’s done and avoid taking risks. What I champion is being open minded and let go of all pre-coded knowledge or expectations. There is so much more to discover (and feel and get inspired) if we do ! Without going into specific industries, my experience has been that Nordic countries are more open to new concepts and ideas.

What needs to happen for the art world to become more oriented towards championing artists of all kinds, and placing them at the centre? Do you believe that technology can play a large part in facilitating that shift?

Technology is already a big part of these developments. The reach and speed can even sometimes be scary. But overall, I think it is an incredible opportunity for the art world to take the lead in designing the future of ‘living’. The artists play a big role in imagining and setting the tone. I come from a classical music background and still my majority of work is in this area. Everything I mentioned before (trying the new, being unconventional, taking risks etc.) are the opposite of the traditions. (And classical music is traditional!) Yet there are enough exceptions to surprise and change things. To be able to manage solid changes in the eco-systems, I always think about the importance of reaching out to kids aged between 5-14 before they start settling with the existing ideas and systems. And for this we’ll need a very fine balance with technology which will clearly play an enormous role in every sense.

What do you think are the benefits of Arcual’s technology?

When I first came across Arcual I thought this was a much-needed platform for the art and culture world. Working in Artist Management, representing artists (from completely unknown young talents to world stars) over 15 years I know one of the most important aspects of our work is keeping the transparency, accuracy, and morality for the artists and the promoters, collectors, buyers, audiences, whoever is on the other side. Arcual is just right, filling the spot exactly what was needed today.


Any artists you are particularly admiring the work of, currently?

I know it may sound a bit cliché, but I genuinely admire and feel I am one of the biggest fans of the artists I work with. All projects we are developing and realising, are exciting me massively. And then there are many others like Oliver Beer, Jorinde Voigt, Vahap Avsar I just love following their paths …. And then every time I see a Gerhard Richter and Anselm Kiefer my heart evaporates to another world... 


Image credit: Echoes Of Life, collaboration between the pianist Alice Sara Ott and architect Hakan Demirel. Luzern KKL February 2022.

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