Why Innovation Matters for the Art Market in 2024

January 25, 2024

Anticipate more shifts and a continued focus on diverse strategies to engage new collectors.

The London Art Fair panel "What’s next in the art market?", moderated by ArtTactic, shed new light on the challenges and opportunities the art world is set to navigate this year. Let's explore the key findings.

What challenges is the art market facing?

Geopolitical Factors:

In 2023, geopolitical uncertainties influenced auction buying trends, causing hesitation among buyers as well as consignors. But notably, exceptional collections and historically significant works defied this trend, emphasising the enduring importance of quality.

Market Nervousness:

Recent market fluctuations prompted a cautious approach, particularly among art investors.


2023 witnessed a surge in speculation among art collectors, who were focused on predicting future values. The inherent erraticism of the art market made decision-making more challenging.

Future Market Shifts:

Sotheby’s Marina Ruiz Colomer emphasised the challenge of innovation as a crucial factor affecting auction houses in 2024. Panellist Peter Osborne identified the Indian art market as a potential sleeping giant, anticipating significant shifts in the next two or three years.

The Innovation Challenge:

Auction houses such as Sotheby's have begun exploring new art forms to bring to auction, such as sneakers, to reach new buyers. Adapting to a fast-paced world, the auction houses face a challenge of continuing to innovate in 2024.

What opportunities can the art market embrace?

Emerging Markets:

Hong Kong-based collector Kitty Go foresees the Middle East as a burgeoning market; she highlighted a growing interest in establishing a cultural economy in the region.

Diverse Market Strategies:

Auction houses are diversifying their strategies in order to engage new collectors. This includes exploring new art forms to cater to evolving buyer preferences.

Digital Innovation:

The importance of embracing technological advancements, including blockchain to enhance the privacy and security of art transactions, will remain pivotal to the success of the market in 2024.

Wealth Transfer:

Despite challenges, a transfer of wealth is occurring, which is introducing new buyers who are more technologically engaged to the art market.

Undervalued Artists:

The panel discussed the need for corrections in the market, particularly for women artists, and also highlighted opportunities in undervalued artists such as Christopher Wool and Albert Ohlen.

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